Jikoo.io Changelog

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Widget - Proactive messages for marketing and re-targetting

You can now send automated/proactive messages to new users visiting your website. This can be customized under Channels --> Edit --> Welcome Message.
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Chat Icon

Improved the Jikoo Chat icon by using animations and highlighting to make it more visible to customers.


Billing and card details

We have improved our payment page by adding Stripe integrations and security protocols to ensure the user's data is stored securely.
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Now you can create a new tag from the "Add tag pop-up". 

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Sign Up Page

Fixed a bug in the password input field to enable alpha-numeric password inputs.


User experience-related improvements - adding a toast message when the ticket is closed.

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Sign Up Page:

We have improved the order of country code on the signup page 


Modified the UI banner design

Left Navigation Bar:

Improved the behavior of  UI in the Left navigation bar

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Chat Widget:

Corrected validation issues in User Input field type based upon the field type

Settings-Flow Builder:

We have enabled the ability to create a Flow Builder from templates 

Settings-Flow Builder:

When using Flow Builder, You may notice a new design in the flow in which you can add all your blocks vertically 

Settings-Flow Builder:

We have updated the Automated Ticket Routing system to team or individual through Flow Builder

Settings-Flow Builder:

Resolved issue in scrolling and added a close button in Preview

Settings-Flow Builder:

Improved the Flow Builder enhancements by adding short cut keys
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Chat Widget:

We're experimenting with giving you a new design and customized chat widget
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Updated the Animation to the Inbox messaging like Web WhatsApp


You'll now be able to see the default value is changed to 30 days instead of today

Email alert while you are away

Introducing the ability to provide Email alerts to Live Chat users when they go offline

Jikoo e-mail alerts.png 48.98 KB

Settings-Flow Builder:

 Bugs fixed to add flow validation messages so that User Input can be followed by an action

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Fixed an issue to make form validation same across the product 


 Corrected display issues for Invoice ID in stripe during payment confirmation 


 Fixed a bug to prevent closing of small screen, when clicked outside of the small screen 


 The table alignment issue in Contacts page has been fixed 

Inbox-Customer Details:

 Bugs fixed to display an error message when an invalid company name is entered 


 The pop up for the last message in chat is now displayed on the screen itself, need not scroll down to view it
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 Navigating between ticket Tab (UI Issue) has been fixed 


 Improved the performance of Contact Tab 


 Improved the performance of Contact right pane when switched between tickets 


 Resolved problems for SLA red inbox and its notification 


 Bugs have been fixed to work infinity scroll and vertical bar smoothly 


 Improved the difference between UI validation error and Server error. UI validation errors are displayed in inline and Server errors are displayed in toast 


 Opening the ticket through notification is now more faster and accurate 


 You won't be allowed to delete all the channels (i.e., at least one channel should be available) 

Settings-User Management:

 You won't be able to delete the user name if it is less than or equal to 1 (i.e., at least 1 user should be available) 


 Improved the background which will now display the total number of new tickets arrived in the Inbox 

Dashboard, Contacts, Settings:

 We have made improvements around ensuring that, Sorting is happening in all the pages at a time and in all the tables